Call for Speakers published - International Competitive/Market Intelligence Conference 2021

International Competitive/Market Intelligence Conference 2021

We are looking for unique case studies that will change our participants’ perspectives! So, if you are a practitioner, expert or academic, please share your knowledge and submit to our Call for Speakers by November 30!

Our new interactive Conferencing Parcours

Best of in-person conferences combined with advanced collaborative learning & networking


Our goal is to advance the CI/MI discipline and hence provide a unique learning and knowledge exchange experience for all conference attendees alike. This goal is supported by our new learning platform that enables you to explore and review all recorded sessions, slides, templates, and assignments - at your own pace ­­and at the time of your choice. Hence you can choose to join the live remote events and/or explore the contents on our learning platform. We have also expanded the conference to include the additional Meet&Greet and Final Recap session, and will provide weekly networking-focused sessions during our Warm-Up and Cool-Down Phases to enable direct exchange and knowledge transfer for our partici­pants.

- Discover our new interactive Conferencing Parcours

- Submit to our Call for Speakers

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