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SCIE: Strategic Competitive Intelligence for Executives

Strategic Competitive Intelligence for Executives

Knowing when and how to invest in intelligence will make the difference

As a manager you need to decide when and where the company will invest in intelligence. To make sound decisions you need to have a fundamental understanding of the costs, benefits, and organizational issues associated with efficient strategic intelligence operations.

Our 3-day intensive certificate in strategic competitive intelligence is especially designed for those managers and decision makers who want to make a difference.

You will work together in small teams on assignments during the day and also in the evenings.



Aimed at



Day 1: Setting up a CI system

Competitive Intelligence for Managers 2Success factors, deliverables (output), processors, resources/investments, organizational fit & evolution, implementation planning, change management.

Case Study: Design of a CI system

Day 2: Corporate Reporting and Communication - the art of getting it right the first time

Competitive Intelligence for Managers 1Competitor deep-dive example (incl. analysis frames such as financial analysis, key performance indicator analysis, competitors' strategy analysis, scenarios, benchmarks etc.), information warfare, counterintelligence, creative and critical thinking.

Case Study: Technology and Strategic Intelligence in a B2B market

Day 3: Getting a grip on the future through "Strategic Foresight"

Competitive Market Intelligence Analysis 2Scenarios - A powerful tool for strategic foresight and strategy development, Early Warning Systems, Business/Innovation War Gaming, CI and Internal Power Games.

Case Study: Building competitive advantage in the retail industry

Assignments & Exam

Assignments Exam - Competitive/Market Intelligence Certificate After your workshops, you’ll work on supervised assignments to practice what you have learned. Assignments are integrated challenges where you apply state-of-the art methodologies to solve real life cases. Individual feedback will be provided. ICI’s on-line learning platform serves are the base for efficient teamwork and communication with your supervisor. Assignments are mandatory and will be graded. After completion of the assignments you can schedule an on-line, live exam session.



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